Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yoggy is Soggy!

Sorry for such the delay in posting. Things have been mighty busy for me in real life as in the game. Work had been nuts and we have been pushing super hard on progression content that I have not had the time to step away and write.

I am on vacation this week and have been working on a collaborative effort article on what every recruiter should know about each class and the most important questions you should ask during interviews. It's going to be more of a guide with input from some of my guildies rather than a commentative article.

In other news After Midnight is finally over its progression road block; we downed Yogg-Saron last night. I always hate running into bosses that the guild can't seem to wrap their head around. Everything clicked last night and we finally got it just after midnight. (very fitting)

So other than Algalon, that makes After Midnight as having cleared all WotLK instances with having downed Anub'Arak this week as well.

I'm mighty proud of my guildies on their dedication and hard work this week. Onto to hardmodes!


  1. just an FYI for the shy people to post their IDs.. AM is now clear Ulduar. Sorry to rain on the parade of negativity.. all the stories you have been spouting about fail leadership are now crushed .. Good Luck


    the only druid that can spell tree backwards.. (eret)

  2. who cares if you down a boss, you have good players, the leadership still sucks.

  3. Agreed. I'd rather have fun at this game than be in a guild that is constantly only looking to serve the desires of the leadership.

    There's a reason that "the guild" has accomplished much, but the individuals that were actually there for all of it are very few. As the common players get sick of being treated like dog shit, they move on. While the selfish leadership team gets a new crop of recruits that carries them to another level of success. Note that the recruitment thread hasn't moved off of the first page on the Uldaman forums for many MONTHS! Seriously. If they haven't realized by now that the attrition is due to the leadership they are either stupid, or they actually don't care about a community and rather like profiting off of the hard work of new recruits (don't even think of applying for the guild unless you have all ilvl 300 gear and can do 7000 dps lest you be mocked mercilessly in your application)

    In a nutshell, the leadership team of AM are douchebags. I'll single out Napaeae, Caitlin and Gedoraf as being the biggest offenders.

    Fail guild is fail no matter how many bosses they down.

  4. Were you guys sitting around waiting for me to change my permissions back so you can troll? That funny and sad at the same time. hehe

  5. YAY I made a troll post I feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    now on to business, to the anon poster I would love you to post who you really (but hey this is the internet you can hide behind your words and face no resonsibility for your words.)

    You have a really warped opinion of this guild and its leadership because what you fail to realize is this guild would have disbanded months ago if it were not for the selflessness of the mentioned leadership , we could have disbanded and all joined elite guilds instead we held it together found some more like minded players and downed some real content. This guild and its douchbag leadership have a fair and open policy and explicit loot rules which show no favoritism aside from SHOW UP/PERFORM/EARN DKP ... it is a simple process everyone here at AM have fair shot so because you were hurt I understand your inability to state facts.

    Please move on and get your lwetz and fun elsewhere cause we will continue to work with our community and it's members. I am sorry you did not fit in and felt rejected by AM and it's LEADERSHIP ... I wonder if your performance or selfishness were the cause of your removal/departure ... so with that said Hello Kettle ... if we are the Pot.

  6. Wonder how anonymous' new haircut is working out for him? F'ing skanks...

  7. Post by Furcas (one of the officers)

    Whomever the anon poster is, I'd like to point out a couple of facts

    1) Yogg takes coordination and trust. There is no way this can be done with a guild that rotates new people all the time

    2) A good guild is always looking for new recruits to replace the people who leave. In any guild, people leave for all reasons. We have a pretty static core of about 25 players.

    3) I'm too tired anymore to deal with all the QQ because you couldn't grow up and work with a group. If you want your Yogg achievement, stop trolling and start playing

  8. @Furcas,

    you are 75% the reason I left After Midnight.
    The other 25% well we will just say different play style.

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