Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm taking my guild and you're taking my money! (An answer post)

A few weeks ago Thespius from World of Matticus had an interesting post on the possibility of paid guild transfers much like you would for a paid character transfer or faction change. In the article, he relayed some tidbits about a possible future service Tom Chilton from Blizz let his interviewers know may be coming down the line at a much future date - Guild Transfers, speculation being released with Cataclysm.

Although I commented that I felt that the transfer service would include one toon (the Guild Master) and the guild name, bank contents and levels (as Cataclysm will offer guild "leveling") and not every member of the guild, I was curious to guess at what cost a full guild transfer would entale if all members of the guild were to be included.
We could assume that Blizz would only allow the GM and the bank contents of the guild to transfer as each individual is repsonsable for their own account and Guild Masters do not own their guildie's toons; they shouldn't be allowed to dictate whether someone transfers or not. In which, transferring a guild and one toon shouldn't be too expensive. However, what if Blizz made a package deal where each guildie were allowed to "approve" the transfer by filling out a Guild Transfer form at the request of a GM who wanted to transfer their guild?

As just having moved 24 players to a new server and created a new guild we can safely assume that a package deal of that magnatude would be very expensive and there would be question of who pays for the cost; the player or the GM.

For example, 24 players came with my husband and I to our new server. Each person transferred at least 1 toon, some moved as much as 4. 24 players at $25 each is $600. I know many brought over at least 3 toons; I can safely say about 16 alts were transferred as well. That means Blizz made about $1,000 of our guild transfer. That is a hefty sum!

If Blizz wanted to make it easier for players to move around as a guild, a package deal could be made for a mass transfer consisting of at least 25 toons (a full raiding group) at a discounted cost. Let's say 20$ a transfer if you could get 25 or more players to sign a transfer charter. With it, you get the entire contents of your guild bank, its tabs, name and levels once it is implemented. Perhaps it would entice guilds to move around as wanted and in the end effectively making more money for the company through marketing of the lower transfer costs?

If Blizz does not intend to have packaged total guild transfer deals for players and have the guild transfer remain the sole and individual transfer of the GM and their guild, I would think they would treat the guild an another entity on its own effectively making the cost to transfer oneself and their guild at the cost of 50$ ($25 for the player and $25 for the guild)

All in all, had this been implemented already in any form I would have been completely appreciative of the service. Moving guilds, whether it be for the cost or the planning and execution involved is a long and hard process; having the entire contents of your bank and the structure remain intact would have been welcome.

What do you think? How do you think Blizz would implement a total guild transfer?

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