Saturday, December 19, 2009

List of abilities to add to Grid for ICC encounters

I have received requests from players to help them summarize what they need to add to Grid for all current ICC encounters. I figured I would list them here since it useful for all players to know who has what on them for any given fight. The ones below are specifically useful for healers but I will note if it is useful for a tank or dps player to add them as well.
I suggest adding the below to your center icons for quick identification during a fight:

Lord Marrowgar -

Impaled - Will hit 3 people on 25 man and is very apparent when it does as there is nothing to dispell or cleanse on the fitght that will confuse the iconary. Good for healers and dps to note these.

Lady Deathwhisper -

Dominate Mind - Good to know who is being mind controled so you don;t try to heal then at that particular time or its your job to call out the MCs for CC. Anyone who needs to CC should have this one their grid; not only the healers.
Necrotic Strike - This negates 14k heals so healers should know when someone is inflicted by it. Healers and tanks should know this.

Frost Fever - Does periodic damage and slows the target. Can be cleansed. (although this usually shows up anyways through a properly set up grid for priests) This is for anyone who can cleanse diseases.

Deathbringer Saurfang -

Boiling Blood - Good to know who has this as they will needs heals and a Disc Priest bubble will stop Saurfang form getting BPs (Not confirmed) Also players can Iceblock, HoP and Cloak out of it. For Healers and dps that can remove the boil.
Rune of Blood - If you're a tank or helping call the taunts if needed you'll need to know quickly when this is up.
Blood Nova - If a player has this it might be usefull for them to get out of range of everyone else if they are in range. (I haven't tested this one out yet so not sure it works) It doesn't work.
Mark of the Fallen Champion - Super important to have this on grid as the target will be damaged when the tank gets damaged and will need tons of heals to stay alive. They also give BPs back to Saurfang with damage and if they die a percentage of health is returned to DBS upon death. You also don't want to battlerez anyone who died with this mark.

I will update this as soon as I get to test the Blood Nova ability on my grid.


  1. GridStatusRaidDebuff is pretty good about keeping up with these, and saves the manual effort of having to create each one.

  2. I would use it but I found it broke my stuff very often so I uninstalled it. I know many of my guildies do not use it either so figured I'd post the debuffs to add manually anyways.

  3. Time for a new post Napps!

  4. I have a couple I am working on including a WoW new year's resolution list. I'm going to test the new abilities to add tonight on the new bosses.

    So keep your pants on Feste! You of all people should know this holiday season was nuts for Ace and I. ;)